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No more guessing who gets paid what! Heron powers CEOs, CFOs, and People teams with live market data and reward automation — from benchmarking to offers and progression.
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Get rid of spreadsheets and one-off calculations. Heron is dynamic, error-free and built to scale with your precise forecasting.

People Teams

Simplified workflows, key integrations and offer automation. Let Heron handle the hard stuff so you can focus on engaging your people!


Candidates and team members are empowered at every stage — from attractive offer letters to rewards and career progression.

"It has cut out the back and forth of sharing insights with sponsors. It's a useful tool for any creator."



Stop questioning if your offer is above or below market value, on par with competition, or attractive to your candidate.

Use live market data to accurately benchmark any role — on any level — at any location.

Heron combines your existing data and total compensation parameters with real-time intelligence to create a dynamic single source of truth that scales with your growing company.


Attract talent with beautiful and informative offers designed for acceptance.

Engage and retain your team; show them clearly the tangible value of total compensation including salary, equity, and ongoing benefits.

Heron’s communication platform includes employee dashboards used to digitally accept offers, manage rewards and keep track of career progression.


We’re obssessed with levelling compensation and our mission is to simplify the process for high-growth companies
Makenna Smutz's headshot

Kenna Smutz

4th time founder with extensive experience in product design, management and development. A sub 10 employee at the likes of ClickUp, CommandBar and GraphCMS.
Matt Bradburn's headshot

Matt Bradburn

Co-founder of the People Collective, ex VP People at Peakon and Lyst. Leads customer procurement. Experienced founder, scaling last business at 3x YoY for last 3 years.
Tamas Varkonyi's headshot

Tamas Varkonyi

Experience in scaling happy teams as a people person with Ledgy and Luminovo. Social psychology degree on full scholarship from Cambridge.